Breast Imaging

Imaging Healthcare Specialists offers you several Women’s Imaging locations. Each Women’s Imaging center provides full-field digital mammography with computer-aided diagnosis. Unlike traditional mammography, digital mammography allows radiologists to manipulate the digital images, improving their ability to detect cancer in its early stages.

If you should need more than a mammogram, IHS also provides on-site breast MRI, ultrasound, and biopsy services. This ensures that any questionable findings are reviewed by a team of breast experts. Our full range of breast health services also includes ductography and pre-operative hookwire and sentinel node localization procedures. See all Women’s Imaging services.


Women should undergo an annual screening mammography beginning at age 40, or earlier for high-risk women. If you have specific symptoms, such as a lump or abnormal nipple discharge, your doctor may request advanced imaging tests. Younger women or lactating women who have a lump or other symptoms are generally better served by getting an ultrasound.

For women at high risk for breast cancer, based on their family or personal history, The American Cancer Society now recommends an annual breast MRI in addition to annual mammogram. If your calculated lifetime risk is over 15%, speak with your doctor about breast MRI.